Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Leopard Changed Its Spots

In this issue:
1. A Leopard Changed Its Spots
2. Win as you Learn

I wrote an article called "A Leopard Changed Its Spots"
It's based on how we are often told that we can't change our nature or anyone else's for that matter.
Yet, quantum & meta physics and now even biology has shown that this just isn't true.
What we can change is based more on our perception in life, on what we believe we can do and what we submerse ourselve in.
You can read the article at:
A Leopard Changed Its Spots

Advancements in science and in how we think and function are catching up with people like Napoleon Hill or Maxwell Maltz of whom, told us that the way we think and feel, and that which we focus on will shape our world and the outcome of our lives.

So the first step to transforming your life, your business into the success and fullfillment that you desire, is to open your mind to the possibilities that you can change. That is a crucial first step.
For if you say no or I can't, than you brain will literally filter away opportunities right before you. Many people self-sabotogue and miss out on the help and gifts that could excell them forward, because they won't accept that they can change.

This week practice opening your mind to the possibilities that all things are possible.

So first decide, what it is you want to do, be and have. Then once you have a clear picture, start to be around those types of people, places and events. And know that you can change your life and alter the reality that you feel you have. If you want to be a marketer, chef, athlete, writer or entrepreneur, start getting to know some. Find out what they do and get into a mastermind group. Submerse yourself around those skills and traits you wish to take on. And yes, that means leaving some people behind. Especially those who want you to remain the same.

"Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact."
– William James, psychologist

Win as you Learn

Last week I mentioned that I would help you learn by encouraging you to read more.
And that I would do this with a prize as the reward. Each month I will ask a question based on the previous newsletters. Each person with the right answer will be entered into a draw for the prize.
For this month the prize is something important for every business that wants to build better relations with their clients & customers. And that is an autoresponder. You can ensure that messages get out.
You can have courses sent out at pre-set times. Or have auto replys to many questions so that you don't have to keep anyone waiting. This has a ($99.97 Value) and could be yours for getting the right answer, while you work on improving your life, perceptions and communication skills.

Remember, do something each week, even if it is small to move yourself forward.

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator

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P.S.S.Check out todays Communication Mastery Articles Ezine article called "Attention Authors" at Communication Mastery Articles

P.S.S.S Grab a copy of:
"Perceptions, discover what you are really seeing & how it affects your belief system."
"Our brains have a RAS system. It filters out anything that your brain doesn't consider important. But what if you thought it was"?
The Amazing World of Perceptions

"Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t you are usually right."
– Henry Ford, Carmaker


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