Thursday, February 09, 2006

The More We Think We Know

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Ok Valentines Day is approaching and I am getting more and more requests for communication skills with family, spouses and significant others. So this seemed like a great time for Communication with family and close friends.

One of the biggest breakdowns of communication here is that the more we get to know someone, the more we think we know them. You may have to re-read that 2 or 3 times.

In a newsletter, I can only touch on the subject, however, if you discover the possibilities that we don’t really know the other person, it can open you up to a world of discovery and improved relations that you didn’t know that you could even have.

Quite often, we start to believe we know what the other person is going to say or what they mean so we literately shut them out or over talk them. Your response to whatever they may start saying could be "yeah, yeah", or "I know", when in fact you may not know at all. To truly know what the other person is thinking or feeling at all times and forever, would mean that the other person has remained stagnate and had no growth what so ever in their lives and that they are the exact same person that you originally met.

Now this is not possible for in nature, we are either growing or dieing.
Life is continually teaching, changing and growing us in ways that we cannot predict or necessarily understand in another person. In so many ways, they (and we) are not the person that we (or they) originally met.

Even on a biological level, science shows that the cells of our bodies are constantly renewing and over a period of time, every cell is replaced. As well, on an intellectual and emotional level, we are continuing to learn, experience, discover and understand our world around us. This leads us to new thoughts and ways of looking at the world around us.
I have watched couples in workshop, that when they took the time to truly listen to the other person and discover what they felt and desired, the words, "I never knew" repeatedly came out of the other person. This heartfelt experience changed their relationships and their lives.

You can discover for your self, by putting aside for one evening, everything you think you know and open yourself to the possibilities of new discoveries in your significant other and in yourself.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day.
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