Thursday, January 05, 2006

Breaking Through the Barriers

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You've tried everything, you've listen to the experts, in frustration you shout out, "Why can't I seem to figure this out?"

This can be stated for many areas in life, whether you are working on health, finances, business, improved communication skills or relationships. Quite often when we start out on the path to change, we hit stumbling blocks and set backs.

We've made promises to ourselves that this time it will be different, and start thinking, I just need will power. Then you start to feel the strain as you try to force your way through.

Sadly, if it was just willpower that was needed then many more would succeed. Willpower is more like an elastic band, the more you force and stretch it, the tighter it gets, until it snaps back or breaks.

Most causes of failure and relapse have more to do with habits and belief systems, many of which you are not even consciously aware of. Science has shown that we have 6 areas of the brain, 5 of which are in your subconscious. So if your subconscious brain doesn't want to change, 5/6th's is much stronger than 1/6th.

This is why, so many of the experts tell you that to succeed you need to work on getting rid of your barriers, your self-sabotage due to outdated beliefs and habits. There are different ways that are recommended.

Often people will need more than one. You are changing a lifetime of negative and destructive beliefs. Don't let these barriers and old belief's stop you. Treat yourself to a better tomorrow and discover the possibilities within and before your.

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