Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Surviving the Trends of Tomorrow

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"One Cannot Not Communicate"

Most of you reading this are fortunate to have a hire education. No doubt you have already benefited from your formal schooling.

However, with the sum of knowledge doubling every 3-4 years, with entire industries emerging and fading within 10 to 20 years, a good formal education just isn’t enough.

Paul Zane Pilzer, a leading economist, believes that in the next few years, adult education will become the number one industry in America. It is incumbent upon us to be on a life-long quest for knowledge.

What we know and what we know how to do are critical to our success.

When I went to high school, we were told that we would likely have three to four careers in our lifetime. My parent’s generation expected only one. My children will possibly have six to ten.

Jobs for which we’re preparing young adults will, in many cases, not exist by the end of the decade. Most of the jobs available in 10-15 years don’t even exist now. Over 90% of the jobs in the US weren’t in existence when most of us were born.

I don’t believe that many of us want to be one of the people on the news stating that they didn’t realize their job would end.

So what should we study? What do we need to know? What skill will be important for our future? I believe that knowing how to learn better, knowing where to access information will be most important.

Learning skills, speed-reading, edutainment and multi-sensory input will all play an important role in our ability to stay up with rapidly changing technologies.

As much as our jobs, businesses and careers will change, principles will not. The way we do things may change but Universal laws remain the same. The skills of success, which we teach, will always be useful and never go out of favor.

Good communication and relationship skills will always be in big demand. The ability to embrace change and adapt to change will have great value.

Learning how to use the Internet effectively, how to maximize our productivity with communication tools will be essential. Use of computers, their applications and distance learning will also be important.

Customized information will be key. Being able to pick the kind of news, frequency and level of detail we want to receive will focus the specialized knowledge we need.

Take time to think about what your skills, talents and passions are. Notice what trends are developing and where your skills, talents and passions can tie in with this.

Invest in Yourself. Most progressive companies that are staying with or ahead of changing trends have a set percentage that they invest into ongoing education. It's recommended that you put aside (5%) or whatever you can start with, to continue investing into your future.

Sadly, many businesses that state they cannot invest in education or changes eventually fall way of the dinosaurs, vinyl records and other distant memory items and trends. Then their businesses collapse and close. In addition, with them end the jobs of the staff.

Once you’re clear on what you want, your success will depend largely part on how well you learn what you need and how well you apply that knowledge.

It’s up to you. Don't allow yourself to be at the mercy of changing trends or people that you work for. It's your future. Embrace and invest in you.

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Stock Market Humour

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A man stated to me that our gift is our curse and our curse is our gift.
At first I had to really think on this to understand it fully. It has such profound truth. Which I will going to in a future issue.

It made me think about how it relates to our languages as well. That which messes us up in our understanding of one another, also can give us a laugh or a smile.

Thankfully, I have friends who continue to send me the puns, metaphors and humour that shows how words can have several meanings.

These are based on the stock market.

  • Helium was up, feathers were down.
  • Paper was stationary.
  • Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.
  • Knives were up sharply.
  • Cows steered into a bull market.
  • Pencils lost a few points.
  • Hiking equipment was trailing.
  • Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline.
  • Weights were up in heavy trading.
  • Light switches were off.
  • Mining equipment hit rock bottom.
  • Diapers remain unchanged.
  • Shipping lines stayed at an even keel.
  • The market for raisins dried up.
  • Soda Pop fizzled.
  • Caterpillar stock inched up a bit.
  • Sun peaked at midday.
  • Balloon prices were inflated.
  • Scott Tissue touched a new bottom.

Remember to stay open to the possibility that what we thought we heard, isn’t necessarily what the other person meant. So much more can be accomplished as well as improved relationships and business goals success.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Breaking Through the Barriers

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You've tried everything, you've listen to the experts, in frustration you shout out, "Why can't I seem to figure this out?"

This can be stated for many areas in life, whether you are working on health, finances, business, improved communication skills or relationships. Quite often when we start out on the path to change, we hit stumbling blocks and set backs.

We've made promises to ourselves that this time it will be different, and start thinking, I just need will power. Then you start to feel the strain as you try to force your way through.

Sadly, if it was just willpower that was needed then many more would succeed. Willpower is more like an elastic band, the more you force and stretch it, the tighter it gets, until it snaps back or breaks.

Most causes of failure and relapse have more to do with habits and belief systems, many of which you are not even consciously aware of. Science has shown that we have 6 areas of the brain, 5 of which are in your subconscious. So if your subconscious brain doesn't want to change, 5/6th's is much stronger than 1/6th.

This is why, so many of the experts tell you that to succeed you need to work on getting rid of your barriers, your self-sabotage due to outdated beliefs and habits. There are different ways that are recommended.

Often people will need more than one. You are changing a lifetime of negative and destructive beliefs. Don't let these barriers and old belief's stop you. Treat yourself to a better tomorrow and discover the possibilities within and before your.

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Maria Boomhower
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