Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gatekeeping, Your Brains Ultimate Secretary

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Picture a secretary or assistant in your brain. They are the gatekeepers of information. The information they stop is anything that your subconscious self does not accept as true.

We take on beliefs as we are growing up that may not align with our beliefs today, which can stop you from succeeding in life.

Challenges with this can be compounded when you are working with co-workers or clients. You see the other person also has their own gate keeping system.

An example of these beliefs: you may believe that the road to success is easy with the right tools.However, the subconscious is playing a tape from childhood that is saying, "Yeah right, you know that it's a struggle and most people don't make it."

The result is that your gatekeeper will keep back success opportunities from you. It believes that it is doing you a favour. It doesn't want you to prove yourself wrong or create conflict in your mind and risk stress and anxiety that may come from conflicting beliefs. So the results are, that you will not see what is
right in front of you.

There are ways to find out and ways to remove beliefs that don't serve you. First, look around at your life. Is it the one you want? Are there things lacking and missing? If not then the odds are that you have conflicting beliefs.

Start journaling and ask your self. Just what do I believe? And for each answer ask, "Does this serve me?" If the answer is no, then you need to replace it. For some people the changes come fast. For others that have several deeply ingrained beliefs, they may need help from professionals that are trained in replacing old beliefs.

I have personally found that those with an understanding of Quantum Physics, have helped countless people change their lives. As well, there are many counselors and coaches that can help.

In any case, with help you can move forward in life and place what you desire on your RAS’s important list. Then watch the opportunities start to appear.

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