Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do You Hope That Others Will Read Your Mind?

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Do you or anyone else you know, expect others to read their mind?

This is a common trait especially with family, spouses and close friends.
You lose all control of your life when you do this. You are leaving probably the most important issues and decisions of your life on the hope that the other person will know what you are thinking and feeling. Then when they don't or mis-guess, well, then there is hell to pay.

Often this comes from an underlining feeling of, If you loved me then... (Fill in the dots)

Did you know that this causes you to toss away you power, confidence and the ability to communicate with others?

The challenge with this, is that you are leaving yourself vulnerable to other people's wishes, beliefs and understandings. And most people misunderstand another without having the added burden of being expected to read minds.

I have seen people cry and state that their birthday or other event was ruined because the other person, husband, boyfriend, etc., didn't do what they wanted them to do. When I ask if they told them what they wanted, I get a No, I can't do that they should have just known.

Well if it is that important, then why don't you say so? Why are you leaving your happiness to someone else's guessing?

When you take back your power and life and communicate your desires, you will find yourself being a much happier, confident and self-empowered person.

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