Saturday, September 24, 2005

Power Point of the the New Orleans Hurricane

And What We Need To Do

If anyone wants to understand or see what what happened in
New Orleans, I was sent this powerpoint, showing the storm and
the courageous volunteers.
Right now they are being hit again along with other cities. They have
even put Huston Texas, on alert where many refugees went,
are being evacuated from there.

Right now we need to send them good thoughts of safety
and protection,and not ones of fear and devastation.
Thoughts of the storm dieing down.

****Note this is 3.4 megs. It may be better to download and watch that just straight open.***
Click here for the Powerpoint:
The Great USA

Dr. Joe Vitale has sent an article about the importance
of watching our thoughts. He spoke about how if we believe
we are victums then we are. If we are in fear that the storm
will get us it has.

He states that it is important not to ignore the storm, but not
to getcaught up in fear mongering and with luck, by the time it
hits mainland Texas,it will have dropped to a category 1 hurricane.

He notes that people seem to say and breath victim
That we are victims of
of a poorly run government
of gas prices, gas shortages
inflation, recession, taxes, wars, and now...
the worst of all -- Mother Nature.
He goes on to say
"it may upset some people. I'm hoping it will
inspire you.
Here goes:
You have more power than you think
While you may not want to stand in the path
of Rita, you don't have to cower under the bed
As odd as it may sound, I believe that if enough
of us think positive, we can create a counter
storm of sorts. We can protect ourselves and
our loved ones with our thoughts."

He is not saying to ignore the storm, only not to get
caught up in the fear that the storm warnings often bring.
Happiness is a choice.

To read the whole article go to:
See Dr. Joe Vitale's Katrina drive at:

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
"Command Attention & Confidence"


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