Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Need To Gain Energy?

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"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents."
– Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist

Emotional Energy

When we are tired, it is hard to communicate. Our thinking cells don’t function and even if we try to continue, the effort and results will be mediocre at best.

It is important to realize that our energy levels are affected by the state of our emotions. And our emotions are a result of our perceptions on our outlook on the events of our lives. (Reread that if needed and let it sink in)

We act in accordance to our beliefs. And our actions can then cause that outcome to manifest.

Author Mira Kirshenbaum, author of THE EMOTIONAL
ENERGY FACTOR wrote about how our emotions dictate
our energy level.

"It is estimated that a whopping 70% of our energy comes from our emotional state of mind as apposed to the food we eat or the exercise that we do."

Our positive emotions of love, joy, excitement, compassion, create energy within us. These are the driving forces that can help us excel in our accomplishments.
They enable us to create and implement more ideas and inspire us to do more.
They attract other successful people to us and radiate potential.

Whereas negative emotions such as anger, hatred, fear, worry anxiety etc.
drain us of our energy. They literately zap and drain us of our abilities to change whatever we do not like. They can stop us in our tracks from moving forward. They leave us with little more energy then to just sit and complain about the world rather than being part of the change. AND, this attracts other complainers with little or no energy.

To increase your emotional energy, you need to look at two things.

1. Know what it is that drains you; (learn to avoid them)
a. Life situations
b. Toxic people
c. Habits of worry, guilt, fear, indecision, envy
d. Unfinished business; whether its cleaning,paper work or clearing the air

2. Know what it is that fills you (and give yourself more)
a. Prayer
b. Meditation
c. Hobbies
d. Walks or reading

If we can use positive emotion energy when thinking about what we do want, we will attract the life we desire. Moreover, we will have the energy to go after it.
So ask yourself, where is my emotional energy, and what is it doing to me?

"Your thoughts are like a boomerang. Your judgments and unforgiving thoughts will most certainly return and whack you in the back of the head."
From, Smile for No Good Reason
by Lee L. Jampolsky, Ph.D.

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Maria Boomhower
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