Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Levels of The Communication Connection

I had requests to explain what the levels of the
communication connection are. And as one person
put it, Just what is Intrapersonal Communications?
So, by request, here is the basics of the levels.

Levels of the Communication Connection

There are three basic levels of communication.
Each level of communication is essential as it affects
the others. And each level needs to be developed to
enable us to effectively and efficiently get our
message across.

The different levels of communication:
intra, inter & mass.

Intrapersonal = communication with self

Interpersonal = communication with one or small group

Mass = communication with large groups of people

We begin by communicating well with ourselves (intra).
Only then can we begin to have effective communication
with another person or a small group (inter).
Once we master this, then can we move on to effectively
communicate to the (mass).

Ask yourself how you felt you were unable to get your
message across. At what level did you think or feel that
the problem might be related to?
Step one is to start noticing where you are having the
challenges. Think about the benefits of improving your
skills and where you can go by mastering your communication.

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Overcoming Barriers to Communication

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Maria Boomhower
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