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Your Body is Communicating!

1. Quantum Physics and Communication Part 4,final in this series
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Your body is listening to you?

"All organisms, including humans, communicate and read their environment by evaluating energy fields" -Bruce Lipton, "The Biology of Belief."

Previously, I talked about how Quantum physics, which is the study of the building blocks of the universe, tells us that everything is made up energy. It shows us that everything we experience including everything perceived as solid, can be reduced to frequencies or vibrations.

And how we attract people that are on the same frequency that we are at and to change this, it is important to change the way you communicate with yourself.

Now you may be wondering, what quantum physics and biology have to do with one another. Many biologist used to think, nothing. However, more and more are seeing the amazing connection.

Each of the cells has a receptor antenna and they can read vibrational energy fields. These include light, sound and radio. More importantly, if the energy vibration resonates with the receptor antenna, it can alter physical and chemical properties of an atom, which will alter the receptor.

You see, are cell are always "reading" the environment in order to survive and can be physically be altered to protect ourselves or help ourselves grow based on our perceptions of the environment around us.

To enhance themselves, atoms find vibrations that create harmonic resonance. Remember the mastermind group. At the cellular level, when we are on a path to growth, we are healthier around those that are on a positive path to growth as well.

It is also important to look at our emotions in how we view the world and whether we hang on to resentments. Dr Candice Pert wrote a book called, "The Molecules of Emotions."

Dr Pert showed how our emotions affect how we think, feel and behave on an ongoing basis. Also, how our perceptions are of the world, creates these emotions at the cellular level. Our emotions are made in the cells of the body and brain through a chemical binding to specific receptors on the surface of the cells, which are based on how our cells perceive our environment and act on it.

It is also here where unexpressed emotions are stored. Unexpressed emotions in the receptors squeeze off the food that the cell needs to function. This breaks down your ability to think and see things clearly.

Consider that there is not one new function in our body that is not already in the cell. The cell has a nervous, skeletal, circulatory, integument (skin), reproductive and immune system. This also shows the connection to the holographic world where the all of it is in every bit of it, and every bit of it and in the all of it. We are all connected.

Einstein showed how matter can be simultaneously be defined as a solid (particle) and as a force field (wave)
E=MC² shows that the universe is one indivisible dynamic whole in energy and matter in which they are interchangeable and not independent elements.

This has been a brief introduction into the world of quantum physics and communication. There is so much more to this amazing world that can open you up to a world of possibilities.

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