Thursday, June 16, 2005

Networking is Communciating

I just returned from a business-networking meeting.

Victoria has many to choose from, depending on the area
you work in or the interests you have.

Some of them are more generalized for all business people,
like the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce.
They hosted the one tonight. There was an excellent
crowd and they always have a fabulous spread of food for
the people attending. The organizers do a great job and
host them at different places around the city.

Others are more specific, an example would be VIATeC
(Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre) and CIPS
(Canadian Information Processing Society) which are
aimed at the high tech market. There is also SME, (Sales
and Marketing Executives) and VIMPS (Vancouver Island
Meeting Planners Society), just to name a few.
What ever your interest or area of expertise, there is
probably a networking group to suit you.

But why attend.

Whether you are starting, developing, growing or even
have a successful business, it is important to get out and
meet people. The fact is people like to do business with
those they like, trust and can put a face to. And one of
the best ways you can do that is go out there and meet
people. Get to know them, greet them. Ask them
questions about what they do and learn what their needs
and desires are.

I have watched people attend the meetings and then
stand there in hopes that someone will come up and say
something. Although sometimes it seems they are hoping
no one will approach them. It is a shame really. There
are so many amazing and wonderful people in the world
and when you open up to meeting them, you discover
things, ideas and events that you would not normally
have experienced.

I have so many wonderful memories and experiences that
have come from meeting people and discovering new
ideas and ways of seeing life.

This can be possible for anyone of you. The first step is
to be willing. You can then learn what to do and how to
communicate with others around you.

I wish you all the best on your road to discovery of the
many delights before you.

P.S. If you like what you're reading in
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Overcoming Barriers to Communication

MLBU is Here!

As the coordinator for the Master List Builder University,
I would like to invite you to discover this service for yourself.

Joel and I decided to do a Father's Day Special to kick start The Master List Builder University, because we would like people to learn from the leader and not follow the followers!

Many times you will see people start things and then
several other people will start them too.

Joel Christopher started doing teleconferences even
though others said it wouldn't work, then others followed.

Joel Christopher started webinars, mentoring programs and others followed.

He is now ready to start a membership site
and for sure others will quickly follow.

So he has put together on online University where you can:

- Discover why the others are following in his footsteps
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- Remove the confusion on how to build your business
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- Discover how to attract clients
- Have a place where others could connect with
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- Have a place where you can go to get answers to your questions

Come to MLBU and see what information is before you.

Right now we are having a Father's day sale where you
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BUT... only if you act quickly!

Have a great week!

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator


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