Thursday, May 19, 2005

Intercultural Communication

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Cultural differences
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Intercultural Communication

Cultural differences are being dealt with more and more now a days and the ability to work well with all types of people enhances you and your business to greater opportunities and success.

As businesses expand globally and participate in outsourcing, there are guidelines to help you along the way.

I have worked in areas where I have had the opportunity to work with and discover different cultural differences in communicating and interacting.

One of those was the commonwealth games; we covered 2 years with the pre-games and then the actual event.

The people I met with ranged from athletes, coaches, media, production teams, dignitaries and royalties.

In each of the cultures, there were different protocols depending on status, jobs, and how each of them were raised.

What mattered to one individual was be considered irrelevant to another.
There was also the matter of how close you were to stand to the person, whether or not you looked them in the eye, and how you you dealt with different issues.

You can try to make everything just right only to find out the something was over looked or incorrectly interpreted or put together. The degree of importance will also vary.

There was one country who was very upset when they saw there flag. The said it was wrong. Quickly people jumped into place to find out why the wrong one was sent out. When they looked at the flag and the book it appeared to be the correct one. This confused them and when they asked what was wrong with the flag, the reply was look at the color, it is the wrong shade.

This was very important to them. And at an international event you want to make things right. Another flag was needed to replace the one we had.

My point is that you never know what kinds of challenges you will face and if you deal with them calmly, it will take you and your business far and you will be able to be able to embrace new opportunities and discover new friends and clients.

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