Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Benefits Of Working With The Media

There are many benefits to your business by working with the media.
Yet, many people have an immediate reaction and want to go running
for cover and hide from them.

Yet, Credibility, Attention and Expert status and a couple of benefits
you can acquire.

There is a famous proverb states that:
“one cannot not communicate”.
This is important to remember and if you choose not to work with
them, you are still giving a message.

The great PT Barnum stated just before he passed on that
he credited the media for his mass fortune and great success.

Let's look at some benefits:

When you learn the protocol for interacting with the media, it can turn into a wonderful and profitable experience for both the business and media.

The media can supply you with some very valuable free coverage and coverage that is third party. This coverage gives credibility to what you are doing or saying. The public will trust an article in the media more than they will an ad. They see it as an unbiased evaluation of what you are about and whether or not you can be trusted.

You are giving them a message that you want delivered verses one that they think you are saying.

Always remember that we need a symbiotic relationship with the media. There will be times when you want to announce an upcoming event,a breakthrough or change in your organization etc. How you have treated them in the past will affect what kind of coverage you will get and whether it is good or not.

Should something happen that could be negative,the media may write the story whether you cooperate or not. For the most part, it is better to have your comments included rather than them only having half the facts or speculation to go on.

If you are concerned about how you or a member of your company may act toward the media, you can learn the protocols and understand the do's and don'ts. This way you can insure that each person in your organization would know how to respond (AND NOT REACT) and know where to direct the media.

Media Relations can be one of the most important and critical elements of any operation. See the media as one of your most important audiences whether it is to promote or uphold your image, or to get valuable information out to the public.

There are basics that you can learn in; how to dress, answer questions,understanding predictable verse unpredictable events, damage control,internal concerns, types of media and more.

Remember that we need to engage with the media, not defeat them. The person we defeat today will probably be the person whose cooperation we need tomorrow.

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