Thursday, March 03, 2005

What Is Your Focus?

I have had people ask me what my secret is for attracting the
life that I desire. They were stating how dismal theirs is and about
everything that is going wrong.

Well, their question answered itself. For what we communicate
with ourselves, we attract. Repeatedly, it has been said stated for
at least the last 2 centuries that what we focus on we attract. Actually
even longer than that, as I was reading a story written in the 1600's about
the very same idea, and when the author understood this principle his life
literally went from rags to riches.

As long as you focus on and communicate to yourself what you don't
want, like or need that is exactly what you are going to bring more
of in your life. This ties in with quantum physics and realizing the
endless possibilities we have before us.

Many of these people will then say, how can I not focus on all of the
problems in my life when I have to deal with them. They are so
focused on the problems that they can't see the solutions.
Yet, that is what is causing the challenges. You need to focus on the solutions.
When you focus on the solutions you find answers to your challenges.

If you would like more information on how to change your focus, go to: to read my article:
Is your Focus, Life Sucks?

Read up on how Chirp taught Quack to focus on solutions and
how you can as well.

Joe Vitale is also trying to help people, and get them to focus on
what they do want. He is even giving away a CD called the
Challange CD, to show you how to attract a car by April.
He is one of several people who's life dramatically changed when
his thoughts, focus and belief's changed.
You can go to his website and email him about the CD at:
Joe Vitale

With so much help, there isn't an excuse not to get started.

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All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator


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