Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Heart of Marketing

In this issue:
The Heart of Marketing
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Attractor Factor

The Heart of Marketing
While I was at the Marketing Seminar, I noticed a theme running through many of the speakers. It was more of a quality that they embraced.

You see marketing is another form of communication. You want to let your audience know what it is you have to for sale, the features and most importantly the benefits to the consumers and clients.
However, there were speakers that could touch you at a depth of understanding that made them amazing in their delivery. They have heart and connect with others.

Ted Nicholas can write copy that could bring tears to the readers.

Joe Vitale, author of spiritual marketing shows his understanding of how what you do for others you attract back to you.
John Assaraf, author of the street kids guide to success, expert on quantum physics showed how he enjoys bring out the best in others.
Brian Keith Voiles, said that you have to know how to cry to experience and to feel to write good copy. The audience was so moved by his talk that
I stood up and instead of introducing the next speaker, I said lets take a 10-minute break. It also gave time for this very important lesson to be absorbed.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter's loving humour, brought laughter to our understanding.
He has a genuine gift to share his insights in a way that bring laughter to the experience.
Others like George McKenzie, Carl Turner, Shawn Casey, Alan Bechtold, Rosalind Gardner, Sydney Johnston, and more willingly shared there insights and secrets into creating a successful business and life.

There are no words that can accurately describe the way these people
communicated and connected with the audience. It is something to be experience to truly be understood.

They understood that communication is more than words, it is a connection at the heart level, a knowing that embraces people.
I felt very blessed to be part of this event.

If you weren't able to go, Joel has an excellent offer, so that you can experience this from your own home.
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All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator
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