Thursday, March 24, 2005

Excessive Communication

I took a redeye to San Antonio Texas from Victoria. It took over 11 hours to get there when you add in waits between flights. ON the Seattle to Dallas flight, most of the passengers turned off their lights right away and went to sleep.
I felt exhaustion building from my hectic schedule and closed my eyes to catch
some sleep. I was almost there when a loud bell went Ding!
and a Bright "fasten your seatbelts" light came on.

Then the captain stated over the speakers, we are experiencing some turbulence and wanted to ensure that your seatbelts are fastened.
I could tell that this startled awake several people; however, we drifted
off again to much needed slumber, when at some point, DING! -Bright light
and the same announcement. This can be very hard on the nerves. Some people wondered why they needed to communicate this to sleeping people.
That would have been bad enough, but this happened about five more times.
It was suggested that the pilot was a sadist and one other person felt that the
bell should be placed somewhere.

The point here is that sometimes we can over communicate a message or even
sometimes complicate a message. We can ask ourselves, what is the message
that I need to get out and how many times do I need to repeat before it gets annoying instead of helpful.

Now clarity and repetition are an important part of learning and getting your message across, but balance and understanding of the other person's perception are also important factors.

We can ask ourselves, what our message is, how important is it and what is the
best way to handle it. Also, is a direct or subtle approach better and is
there a different way to handle this.

In the case of the redeye flight, the stewards could have kept an eye out for
anyone that may have been awake to let hem know to keep their seatbelts on.
I have heard that some corporations and governments say that it is a necessity because of liability issues. Yet, if we think about it, there can still be other ways of fulfilling these responsibilities to your customers by getting your message across without making them into a nervous wreck.

By putting some thought in how you will deliver your message can go a long way in buildiing customer relations.

Next week I will tell you about my amazing trip and the wonderful people
I met along the way.

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