Thursday, February 24, 2005

Quantum Physics Helps

I love quantum physics.
And I loved the movie "What the Bleep do we Know?"

The possibilities are endless and so much of what we have yet to discover can alter our existence in amazing and wonderful ways. We are powerful beings and the scope of our capabilities is just beginning to be discovered.

I think that is what attracted me to read Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy. They talk about focusing on a clear picture in your mind and playing out the details of what you want to have, do or be. So much of what and how we communicate with ourselves will ultimately affect what we attract into our lives and what we become.

Science is showing how our brain has an amazing ability to grow and that anyone has the capability to succeed. The important starting point is having that clear mental picture in your mind of what you want to attract. See it vividly and have feeling about it. For what you focus on you attract.

Dr. Robert Anthony teaches this fundamental point in his course on how to attract wealth. He has a huge following of people who lives have turned around by his teachings. I love his books and his courses.

I was the moderator in an interview Wednesday night, with Carl Turner (the right hand man to Jay Abraham) and John Assaraf, who went from being a street kid in trouble to running billion dollar businesses.
He said that his life changed after he went to a seminar on quantum physics. He realized that your thoughts are your seeds of what you are going to manifest in your life. John now helps other overcome their blocks and succeed.

I will meet John and several others in March when I am in Texas. As a co-mc, I get to introduce these amazing people to a host on entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

So much of my life has turned around when I understood that truly anything is possible. It reminds me of the Santa Clause movie when the elf said, most people have it backwards, they think seeing is believing, but believing is seeing, and that is what quantum physics teaches you.

You first have to know what you want, which can be a challenge to many people.
Mark Twain once said, I can help anyone get what they want; the problem is I can't find anyone who knows what they want.

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