Sunday, February 06, 2005

Communication and Electromagnetic Energy

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Communication and electromagnetic energy

When you are communicating, you are connecting with other people.

As humans we are electromagnetic spectrums of energy, and how we feel about something and even more importantly, about someone, will affect how we communicate and how the other person or people communicate back with us.

We can sense or perceive the feelings of another. The other person may say that they are feeling fine or that they are ok, but we may get what we call vibes. This is our intuitions or gut feelings.
Feelings of anger and love or joy, vibrate at a different levels in our bodies, and when the other person is emitting strong feelings, you will be able to pick this up.

Our emotions also come out in our body language. So if you are feeling angry, mad, and sad or frustrated; you are probably tensed up and your body shows it even if you say you are fine.
When you say one thing and give off energy of another thing, you lose credibilty.
It is important that what you say, do, think and feel is in alignment. And to remember that people are going to pick up on this.
Before you speak to someone, especially if it is an important meeting, you should ask yourself, how do I feel about this person and how am I going to come across?

Asking these questions before hand can help put you in a better frame of mind that will enable you to connect with the other person or people at a higher level.

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