Friday, January 21, 2005

Do Misunderstandings happen to you?

In This Issue;
Communication Mastery Tips,
Upcoming events.

1) With the advance of technology, we are able to reach and communicate
with people on a large spectrum of ways.
For example you can reach people with cell phones, computers,
pagers etc. Along with the new technology, come new challenges
with communication and understanding what the other person is meaning.

When we are listening to another person, we consider their tone and
body language more than the words that they use.

This can be problematic with emails and other forms of communications.
I have seem people get very upset with another person because of what
they believed they were saying and meaning, only to find out later that the meaning of the message was entirely different from what was understood.

To help you understand why this happens consider the following sentence
that was used in a university. The students were told to punctuate it.

Women with out her man is nothing.

Most of the men changed it to;

Women with out her man, is nothing.

Most of the women changed it to;

Women, with out her, man is nothing.

Same sentence, yet two totally different meanings.

So the next time you receive and email that you find upsetting, ask
yourself, have I read this correctly or should I clarify.

2) In keeping up with technology today, next month I will be
starting an internet interactive TV show on communications.
As it progresses, I will keep you informed and show you the
technology that you can download to view and interact with me.
As well, I will be interview people from around the globe.
This is an exciting new wave that is the cutting edge of techology.

3) In March I will be in San Antonio Texas at a Double Birthday
Bash Seminar Celebration with Ted Nicolas and Joel Christopher.
You won't want to miss-out on this because Ted
Nicholas rarely speaks at any event... unless
you're willing to pay $7,500 at the door.

Read all about the details here:

All the Best!
Maria Boomhower
The Master Communicator


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